at home with Tahnee McCrossin - Super Feast.

Tahnee is a self proclaimed nerd, with a love of the human body, it’s language and its stories. A cup of tonic tea and a human interaction with Tahnee is a gift!

A beautiful Yin teacher and Chi Ne Tsang healer, Tahnee loves going head first into the realms of tradition, yogic philosophy, the organ systems, herbalism and hard-hitting research. Tahnee is also General Manager at SuperFeast, Mumma to reishi-baby Aiya and partner to Mason (founder of SuperFeast).

What SF blends are you loving the most at the moment?

Right now I am taking he shou wu and I Am Gaia, as I am working on building blood and keeping my Liver happy (I get stressed, silly me!). Mason (founder of SuperFeast, my baby Daddy and fiance) also makes me a mystery tonic every morning that is totally whatever he is vibing we as a family need. I get one, our daughter gets one, and he gets one. It's usually cacao-based and it's all-of-our favourite part of the day. Our dog Goji has he shou wu for her lady hormones, as she was desexed so we could adopt her and we want to support her body as it heals.

What Super Feast blends would you suggest for getting through this stressful time?

I like to work with herbs that ground, that tonify Shen and the Liver (for stress and overwhelm) and the Kidneys (to help with fear). Taking them in the morning in a warm tonic is a super nourishing ritual, so gentle and supportive. My number one herb in these weird and wonderful times is reishi mushroom. She's the Queen of the tonic herb tradition, the master Shen tonic, the mushroom of immortality in the lore, and also helps the body handle stress. Reishi is also awesome before bed to call in a night of beautiful, restful sleep. She's a bit bitter, so I like to boil some water, stir in some reishi, add a dash of plant milk and some honey, and take this to bed with me. So divine.

Listening to:

My friend recently created a playlist for her new restaurant/bar she's dreaming up while in isolation in Amsterdam, so I've been listening to her playlist. It's SO good. It's a lot of old classic stuff - think Otis Redding, Fleetwood Mac, Howlin Wolf, Van Morrison, Leon Bridges, Aretha...Otherwise, I listen to Joni Mitchell probably a bit too much.


I read every night before bed. I just finished 'Fierce Invalids From Hot Climates' by Tom Robbins which I've been looking at on my dad's shelf and then mine since I was 15 (I am now 34!), I am so glad I read it, it's amazing. I am now reading 'If Women Rose Rooted' by Sharon Blackie. Another great book I read recently was 'Daybook' by Anne Truitt. I am also studying acupuncture so I am reading textbooks on Japanese acupuncture, but they're notorious for putting me to sleep so I save them for the daylight hours or else it's all over. I am a voracious reader, that's the truth. 


We recently watched The Gentlemen, which was amazing, such a romp. We don't watch much as we don't have a TV and we usually are asleep pretty early, but we're both huge Seinfeld fans so that one is a fave. I feel like I've probably seen Frozen a few too many times, and my daughter is obsessed with The Land Before Time, so I've seen that a few times lately.


I get up at 5 am, do 20-45 mins of asana, 30 mins of pranayama and 30 mins of meditation nearly every day, that's an essential ritual for me. Then our tonic elixir as a family and making my daughter breakfast (usually soft boiled eggs and spelt toast while I unpack the dishwasher, as I do the mornings in our house). I also love a hot drink and a book before bed, or abhyanga (ayurvedic oil massage) then a long soak in a hot bath full of magnesium. Since becoming a mum all self-care rituals involve cooking and cleaning and making the bed and picking up toys so I don't trip over them and injure myself. Lol. I try to get in our garden and to the ocean daily - we live 800 m from the beach. Sometimes I drink red wine and play backgammon with Mase, it's so nice to just unwind and laugh and sometimes win! ;) I also practice with Jade eggs and do some Taoist qi-cultivating practices, but I am not as regular with these as I used to be. I fit them in when I can.

‘The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper’

WB Yeats.

Tahnee x.