at home with Srna of SRNAVERSE.

Srna is the gracious star gazer of SRNAVERSE, if you're not reading her weekly astro forecasts you must start the minute you see this!

Firstly let's get a little rundown on how astrology plays its part in our lives & the way of the world as a whole? 

Astrology originated with the Babylonians who developed their own form of horoscopes around 2,400 years ago. Then it spread to the eastern Mediterranean, becoming popular in Egypt. It is very much an ancient system in which to understand the natural world. For me personally, astrology is an art rather than a science or a system of religious beliefs. The art of astrology requires intellectual clarity; but equally, it requires empathy, intuition, imagination, perspective, and experience. I believe that we are of the earth, and that we are intimately connected to universal forces. Many people can feel the emotional effects of a full moon and in many cultures, the sun was worshiped. In our current world, Astrology can help create an intimate connection between nature and self by allowing us to see ourselves in it and vice versa. We begin to see the themes of our life reflected by everything around us. It simplifies our complex stories and backgrounds to a universally shared experience.

What can we expect/highlights to be aware of over the next month or two as we face this huge shift in the world?

It's most definitely a unique time in history, for us and for the planet. In regards to Corona Virus and how it links up with Astrology in terms of 'pre warning', it's very much like a never ending story. 2020 was always going to be a massive year, astrologically speaking because we have some real heavyweight planets making debuts left, right and centre. Firstly, Saturn in Aquarius & Pluto in Capricorn meet up every 33-35 years, and bring about recession and overhaul. These two major planets shake up economies, and bring hidden agendas to light. Saturn in Aquarius focuses on the larger collective. Aquarius is the group mentality, as opposed to 'me,myself and i'. One of my favourite astrologers Jessica Adams wrote "Corona virus is spreading on the same zodiac cycle as The Spanish Flu and The Great Plague. That’s the North Node and South Node cycle jumping from Cancer and Capricorn to Gemini and Sagittarius." Saturn in air sign Aquarius, brings about air borne diseases, and it will stay in this sign for the next 3 years. Also globally a mega shift is upon us, as we are leaving the Age of Pisces, and entering a new world order in Age of Aquarius. Uranus (planet of shock and surprise) started it's 8 year cycle in Taurus (innovation, visions), plus Pluto in Capricorn (business, self confidence)  for the next 4 years brings an acceleration to new ways of financing, living, doing and being. Jupiter has fantastic potential to make magic this year, we just have to WORK at what we BELIEVE! You can't just expect things to happen, you have to go and get it for yourself and for your family. 

What are your top tips for facing such highlights & planetary events for ourselves & our community?

- Meditate & Research your own chart, or just research what you're drawn to.

- Be kind.

- Find a hobby, perfect it, this way you're using energy in a structured and thought out way.

- Be done with loose ends you haven't tied up, once and for all. If it's not currently in your life, there's no need for it. 

- Love the one you are with

- Thank the universe, god, family, (whatever it is for you) every night before you go to bed.

In this way you are practicing gratitude, and it's something I 100% ALWAYS do, I attribute my luck to this little ritual. 

What are you doing to get you through this inward chapter?

Just chilling, swimming, relaxing, reading, talking to family & friends, basking in the sun! Knowing we've all got to just buckle up (at home) and get through this as there is no other way around it.

Listening to :

I like sounds a lot more so than lyrics really -like Boerd, Blue states, Brian Eno, Nils Frahm! I have also been listening to so much classical music - Ravel is my fave!!!

Reading :

The Dutch House for my book club group which is temporarily changing to Zoom meeting :) and fell in love with a book called - Tonight i'm someone else by Chelsea hodson

Ritual :

Get woken up next to my boyfriend by my dog at 5am each morning for a group cuddle session, then coffee on a headland overlooking the water with coffee in hand. After that, swim in the ocean and back home to start the day! Rain, hail or shine.

Watching :

Just finished the 3rd season of Ozark! So good, so dark, so intense!