at home with Maya of Rowie The Label.

Hello! I am Maya, 1/20th of ROWIE The Label (I’m not good with words so find out here - ).

How is the current state of the world affecting you & the brand?

Like anything out of the blue or unexpected you take it one week at a time, planning for the worst but hoping for the best. Its between being a glass half full and a glass half empty, you prepare the water and the glass, and you’re just glad water didn’t end up on the table. 

What are your top picks from Rowie's new collection / What are you wearing while WFH?

White denim jeans (Tilda Jeans), blue jumper (Fat Knit Celeste)

You’ll know its me. 

Listening to: "After Hours" - The Weeknd (although my Spotify ‘on repeat’ seems to disagree).

Reading : Tik-tok comments to understand the jokes.

Watching :

Of course Tiger King (because if nothing will, that show will remind you, you’re not THAT crazy) and Pete Davidson: Alive from New York (stand ups are my podcasts, educational and easy to fold washing to)

Omg also the beastie boy doc is so good! Man oh man for some ISO dress up.

Ritual : End of day Aperol spritz, because if we can’t go to Europe this September I will in my mind.

In the wise words of brand Sporty & Rich… "Be nice, Get lots of sleep, drink plenty of water".

Stay Safe, Maya.