At Home With Lotte Barnes/The Veda Way.

I am a Mother, Lover & Vedic Meditation Teacher at The Veda Way, as well as the Co-Founder of Worn Store. 

I am currently in my home in the Byron Hinterlands, thankfully with full health, my wife, 3yr old daughter Ophelia & doggo Gray! I've been navigating this time between different roles, first and foremost, as a Mother - Co-Parenting our divine daughter and being present to help her feel safe and secure in this unique time. We've been finding balance and space in as much nature & creative play as we can.

I Meditate daily and incorporate breath work and asanas to help lean into this unknown time in the world. That has all been vital but it is always vital in keeping me whole & able to show up as my best true state no matter what is happening around me or in this case the world. 

I have also been sharing what I can via my social channels - showing support and insights around meditation, breathwork, grounding & providing uplifting tools to those in need during this pandemic. Building connections to strangers and friends are equally as important right now, as we truly are all in this together and showing love & kindness I believe helps leaps and bounds. 

I am also running a business and navigating this new terrain. One thing for sure is, we aren't taking for granted (anything), is the space that this is providing. Having the entire world almost stop feels incredible. Although we practice 'slow business' as part of our Worn ethos, having the rest of the world slow down too has allowed some much-needed collective space. You can catch your breath and simply pause to gather your thoughts and clearly sit in the silence that has naturally opened.

Our small but incredible team are all stepping up in new and creative ways to get through these hardships. I feel our team is closer than ever, even though we are mostly working limited hours and working apart. We are feeling the strength of our business and that this time will shape us (individually & collectively) in the best way possible. We feel optimistic and are trusting fully the greater evolution that is taking place. 

As this is all about doing inner work to help the whole and using this rare opportunity to connect to what is true and what really matters, to simplify and let go of what no longer serves us (being individually and as a whole), to slow down, further reduce our global footprint, be even more resourceful and be a more responsible business, period. 

What do find solace in, do you see a lasting imprint from whats happening?

Really to recognise that we are all connected and what happens to you, happens to me and what is happening will lead to a greater evolution of consciousness, empathy, gratitude, environmental awareness and ultimately there will be a deeper resounding love & respect of all life. 

What are you listening to during isolation?

Krishna Das -

Haoma Radio -

Land Radio -

Justin Bieber Changes -

Reverberation Radio -

What books do you have your nose in at the moment?

Let My People Go Surfing - Yvon Chouinard

Polishing the mirror - Ram Dass

The Untethered Soul - Michael Singer

The science of being and art of living - Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

Celestine Prophecy - James Redfield (about to start re-reading - last read in my late teens and loved!)

What are you watching in the down time moments?

Some old / some new - all loved!

Ram Dass - Becoming Nobody

Krishna Das - One Track Heart

Justin Bieber Seasons (Hence why I'm now playing on repeat his album) !-

Valley Uprising -

Free Solo -

Dawn Wall -

Sky Ladder -

True History of the Kelly Gang (on Stan)

2040 -

Wild Wild Country -

Paul Kelly Stories of Me -

Mystify Michael Hutchence-

Wim Hof Iceman -

Mid 90's -

Dancer -

The Rituals you find rooted in your days?

Sunrise watching outside with my daughter while drinking cups of tea together

Barefoot on the morning grass (grounding/earthing ritual)

Vedic Meditation twice daily

Breathwork (Pranayama & Wim Hof techniques)

Making coffee from our Atomic espresso maker for my wife each morning. It's an art form with this particular machine & a ritual I deeply love. 

Copper Tongue scrapping - An Ayurvedic practice 

Spending in nature/outdoors - essential everyday & thankful we live on land and have space & the freedom to access at any time. 

Surfing (wish it was daily but not so much these days, but a beloved ritual none the less!)

Family dinner all together at the table - simple but deeply important to us. 

Dancing - this has become a new ritual, as Opi loves to dance, so we just dance all together and its so fun and freeing. 

Be Well,

Lotte x

* images by @dh_photo - Taken in Canggu, Bali 2019.