at home with Juliet Allen - sexologist.

I'm a Sexologist, so I talk about sex for a living (which as you can imagine, is an absolute dream!) My entire business is run online - I'm host of the Authentic Sex podcast, I run an online sex school called 'Pleasure School', and I sell a collection of boutique crystal Pleasure Wands (aka crystal dildos). I have two employees who run my business, which frees up my time to be the creative brains behind my business and take care of content creation and Pleasure School (which I REALLY enjoy).

I'm also a dedicated Mother and Lover, and my little family and I recently embarked on a year-long adventure travelling around Australia in our caravan. I know what you're thinking, how the hell will we travel around the country in this strange time?! I've also been pondering the same question, but fortunately we are happily embracing the plot twist (that being the C-word) and are currently shacked up in a very lush airbnb in a small beach town on the very south coast on NSW.

The isolation period is a little inconvenient, but it's welcomed. My intention for 2020 was to rest, to retreat, to connect inward, to connect deeply with my partner and daughter, and to spend more time in nature. And so isolation feels like the universe is 100% supercharging and supporting my intention (in a very unexpected and strange way!) I've been working out with my daughter more, taking time to go walking each day (on isolated beaches, of course), cooking delicious healthy food, reading all the books I've been 'meaning' to read ... and in general loving having so much time for intimacy with my partner, Nick.

What are you finding solace in or a lasting imprint you see from what's happening ?

I see an opportunity right now for humanity - to stop, to slow down, to reassess the choices we are making in daily life and for our planet, to prioritise our health, to consume less, to create more ... I feel inspired by the shake up and I see opportunity everywhere. But I do acknowledge and realise that I'm one of the lucky ones - my business is online, and I have a roof over my head and income to support me ... but not everyone is this blessed ... so I'm practicing gratitude and sending love daily to those who are doing it tough and struggling.

Listening to: 

'Online Marketing Made Easy' Podcast with Amy Porterfield

Reflecting on this, I haven't been listening to much lately - I've been enjoying less noise and way more quiet.

Reading :

'The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari' by Robin Sharma

'Spirit Babies' by Walter Makichen

'Three Women' by Lisa Taddeo

Watching :

Giri/Haji (Netflix)

Unorthodox (Netflix)

Homeland Season 8 (SBS on demand)

Dave Chappelle Stand Up Comedy (Netflix)

Ritual :

Daily exercise and an isolated beach visit. And a morning cacao.

“How beautiful is it to do nothing, and then to rest afterward”

-My Favourite Spanish Proverb.

Juliet x

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