At home with Esther Hesse - PT

Esther Hesse is an inspiring woman, She has created her own PT business & training program. She helps women reach their potential & realise the true strength their bodies are capable of bearing as well as Post Natal Fitness too.

Esther kindly took a moment out of her busy life to to tell us about how this time in the world is effecting her & her family.

Over to you Esther:

Wow, well 2020 has been a huge year of change. From Covid19 and now the protests #blacklivesmatter movement. Being in isolation has actually been wonderful, my partner and I have loved having each other around the house more and being able to balance our jobs and family by working from home has really brought us together. It has been a really great reset button.

I haven't been able to watch the full George Flyod video, hearing that he was pleading for his mum just broke my heart. It brings tears to my eyes everytime I read it. No country is immune to racism sadly, I do hope this sheds some light on Australians to take action for the injustice happening right here with our indiginous people.

What a responsibility we have as parents to raise our children to love, respect and protect each other. No matter our race, beliefs, who we love etc. I look at my 15 month old daughter and think how could anyone taint that beautiful little heart they have. 

Listening to:

I am a mix bag when it comes to music, but I have been listening to a lot of classical music for two reasons, 1) it is great background study music and

2) Hart also loved it.

Reading : Currently Reading Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng and also research on motor development and children ( this is for a uni report)

Watching : Normal People, Billions.

Ritual :

My morning coffee!!!!! Literally can't see clients without one and My HOT showers. They are my time! Everyone - kids and partner - leave me alone. They know it is my time to decompress and to work through the thoughts in my mind and let go of any thoughts or bad feelings I have been carrying for the day. And afternoon cuddles with my daughter. Around 4:30pm she cuddles with me on the couch and has some quiet time, it is my favourite part of the day.

She is usually so busy lol. "be fearless in what sets your soul on fire", I try to live by this as a life motto. But I have seen "silence is the voice of complicity" - which in our time really speaks so loudly.

Esther x

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