at home with Bec Craven

The minute this whole pandemic crept in I thought of Bec straight away- she is a heart transplant recipient in her 20s & a dear friend. The thought of how much stress even the thought of contracting covid-19 must have been causing her turned my stomach. May we all learn & expand in the act of true empathy so we can rise from this as a community not individuals.

I'll pass it over to Bec now :

Image by Brooke Davies

Good morning angels,

So isolation..what does this mean for me? Well to cut to the chase, I am a immune-compromised woman living in a real-life pandemic. If that doesn't flick your anxiety levels to max then I don't know what will! haha. A little background on me, so 4 years ago I had a heart transplant after contracting a virus travelling through Bali. The virus attacked my heart and caused it to become enlarged and not pump properly. People live with heart failure every day and are managed with medications, unfortunately for me, the medications weren't working and the only option was to receive a new heart. 4 years on I am still so very blessed to have a second chance at life and I'm very grateful to the donor and their family for choosing to donate. Who would have thought that 2020 was going to be the year we couldn't hug anyone or leave the house? I certainly didn't, I am pretty sure I was with those people who were saying "2020 is my year". In general, being a person who has little to no immune system is like that movie bubble boy with Jake Gyllenhaal (its a classic), you want to be in a bubble where nothing can hurt you but we all know that's just not reality. While still being aware of people around who are sick you have to continue on living your life. When it comes to coronavirus though, she's not messing around. I have been self- isolating now for over a month and let me tell what I've been doing in my little beach shack on Currumbin beach.

Listening to: 

Quite a range of things actually. Podcasts- AUTHENTIC SEX  with Juliet Allen, her voice just makes me feel good. TED TALKS, I love a bit of science.  Music..I truly listen to everything. Today I got the old school tunes out and listened to CONFESSIONS by USHER. 


I'm reading like 2 books at once. Harry Potter (again) and Bridget Jones Diary. I am actually on the hunt for a new book. Watching:

I've tried to stay off Netflix as much as possible but I did watch Tiger king, Carol Baskin for sure did it! haha. I've started watching one of my favourites shows growing up, THE OC. It's just easy watching at night in bed. I've got a little projector that I cast onto the wall in my room now so ill be pulling out the popcorn and the chick flix soon.  Ritual : A walk in the morning and the afternoon to clear the mind. One ritual I do look forward to is my skincare routine at night. After a long day doing nothing because you're in iso, its just so nice to pamper yourself with some really nice skincare. treat yourself girl.

A few things I will take away from this weird 2020 situation is:

1. I will never take for granted a hug from a friend or family, just anyone really..

2. Appreciating how lucky we are to live in a great country.

3. I hope that at the end of all of this that people will still continue to wash and antibacterial their hands. 

This time has been great to see people be able to relax and fall in love with the outdoors again. To see people ground themselves to what is really important in life and to dig deeper into what makes you happy. 

With all the love.

Bec xx